True Self—Understanding What It Is

Patrick Mcandrew February 28, 2019

Comprehending how to find your true self

True Self—Understanding What It Is

According to the Bible, all humans are created in the image and likeness of God. As time flies, humans separate themselves in consciousness from God and start focusing on having food, clothes, home, money, and other assets, often believing they have acquired such abundance all on their own. When trying to find one’s true self, it’s this outward look that creates a hindrance. Discovering your true self is all about trusting the Spirit to guide one to the right place. Yet most humans cling to their physical identity and possessions, and as their grip tightens, stress increases, while joy vanishes from life. It’s this anxiety that takes one away from God and His Kingdom of abundance and grace, since humans start thinking themselves to be separate from the Creator, and living outside his Kingdom.

“How to find your true self?” is a question that troubles many. Letting go of misplaced beliefs and mental walls humans have created and trusting God to show the way is the solution. In Mark 1:15 (NRSV), Jesus asks humans to repent (referring to the need to change their awareness and mind, and awaken to the inner light and life) as the Kingdom of God is within their grasp. What He emphasizes upon is the spiritual awakening that would bring humans closer to their Creator, feel one with Him, and thus, find their true self. Rather than trying to flow against the current and struggle, it’s ideal to let the guiding hand of God drive one in the right direction by completely surrendering to it with utmost belief. Then, “How do I find my true self?” will no longer remain a troubling question since the inner light will guide one to where he or she really belongs.

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