How the Touch of God can Change Your Life

Patrick Mcandrew March 14, 2019

To touch the heart of God through prayers—feeling blessed & whole

How the Touch of God can Change Your Life

Some people might recognize the touch of God the very instant it happens and would feel blessed. Others may not realize that it happened while a handful few may even dismiss it as an illusion or a waking dream. Yet all humans probably encountered an event or felt as if their prayers have been answered and hopefully encourage them to touch the heart of God. Being touched by the hand of God could be as subtle as the experience Jesus after being baptized by John at the Jordan River or as dramatic as the apostle Paul going blind. At times, one may even experience the touch of God while s/he is having a quiet conversation with another individual.

The divine touch could be transforming, triumphant, or transcending. Throughout the Bible, there are several instances of how the divine touch from heaven brings transformation of the soul; solves problems and sickness; and empowers the hopeless, weary, weak, and discouraged people to continue their life’s journey and fulfill their purpose. Mark 7:33 tells about how Jesus’s touch healed a deaf man and restored his ability to speak. There are also gospels in the Bible that show how God’s touch transforms the diseased, such as in Matthew 8:15 when Peter’s mother-in-law was healed through Jesus’ touch. Another example is described in Matthew 8:3 talks when Jesus touched a leper and healed him, showing how Jesus delivered him from a doomed life.

To reach out and touch the face of God, one needs to use the Law of Attraction (a concept discussed in the movie The Secret) along with special prayers and visualization techniques. In addition, the individual should learn to forgive and to practice visualization, a method of seeing a clear mental image of a desired outcome.

Have you ever felt the touch of God in your own life? Let me know about it in the comments section below. To keep the conversation going, connect with me through Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. You could also learn from my experiences related to the divine touch by checking my book THE MIRACLE BEFORE YOUR EYES.




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