The swirling winds of creativity

Patrick Mcandrew August 10, 2018

The swirling winds of creativity are in our midst. You know that idea I talk and write about from time to time. “In the beginning when God created the heaven’s and the earth, a wind swept across the face of the void.” Then jump to the Gospel of John, “In the beginning was the creative energy and all things came into being the through the creative energy… and the Creative Energy became flesh and dwells within us.” We have all this creative energy that formed the heaven’s and the earth, and most of us don’t know Its there; and even those of us who do, get distracted! It is so easy to get side tracked, and allow chemicalization to set in. Chemicalization can be a really good thing, although it don’t feel so good, so we try to stop it, which only makes it worse.

See now, that’s exactly what I am talking about! When the swirling winds of creativity get going, we can allow our minds to jump in and run away with it; some call it monkey mind chatter, others call it politics, and still others called it triangulation. When we allow the swirling winds of creativity to get going and running away with our mind, we move into the nothingness. This nothingness is very beautifully and ominously described in the movie The Never-Ending Story. Trust me, you don’t want to go there.

I am certainly feeling the swirling winds of creativity; they are all about us in many different dynamics of life. We need to learn to embrace them and stand at the center of the vortex of energy, allowing it to inspire us into right action. As it says in Genesis 1, “and the Lord said, let there be light.” I have a lot wonderful things occurring! My new book, Being the Way should be coming out in August; as a result, I have been invited to speak in two churches at the end of the month. At the present time I am teaching on Online class with Unity Worldwide Ministries. I am also in full gear in the roles I love as fulltime minister here at Unity Spiritual Life Center. At home I am about a day away from completing the renovation of my master bathroom and 3 days from completing the master bedroom project! All dreams moving into manifestation.

With all these amazing dreams coming into manifestation, I can feel the swirling winds moving around me. Literally, the roof on Heritage House blew off (New roof is on); panels of the new fence keep blowing off (been replaced); the old church computer in the office is in melting mode (in process of transferring financial information to a new computer); while we are moving files, my computer broke, I mean broke in half (the top from the bottom). Then our wonderful longtime book keeper, Bill Cogbill, made his transition after battling diabetics and cancer. (I know he will get pecan pie in heaven). At home after losing my cat Tessa, her little sister Angel appears to be ill and will make her transition as well. Then there is some person who keeps coming into my house and messes things up and plants weeds in the garden! All these things can be considered part of an external chemicalization process. While this process tends to steal our attention away from what we might like to focus on, it also allows us to release things that might be holding us back.

Can you feel the swirling winds of creativity stirring? As they do, I stand at the center of the swirling vortex, looking out into the world and imagine how I might be a vehicle to help bring peace and understanding to the appearance of chaos and heartache: in the political area, in the schools, in the streets and many other places. How can I, and we, be aligned in peaceful Oneness, and celebrate a joy-filled world co-created in love, harmony and abundance. Can you imagine it with me, and hold the vision? It is one of the purposes of my books and the other work I do. Looking behind appearances and seeing the Christ at the heart of everyone. As I do, I know everything I need to do, will be done as I need to do it. Those weeds and other distractions can wait till I have the time to come back and pull them. I don’t need to focus my energy on there. I need to focus on what I want and my dreams will come true.

Namaste Rev. Doc. Patrick

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