Rain, rain come today, so I can go out and play

Patrick Mcandrew April 5, 2018

Rain, rain come today, so I can go out and play

This morning I woke up to Angel and Tessa, my inside cats, calling to me to get up and feed them.  It was 6 a.m.! I heard raining pouring down outside my window. Then this very old song began to run through my head.  “It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring. He bumped his head and he went to bed and he couldn’t get up in the morning.” So, I closed my eyes and went back to sleep, singing in my head, “Rain, rain come today, so I can go out and play, rain, rain come today…”

I woke up again about 8:30, hung over from sleep! That’s the latest I’ve slept in a long time. Wow, what an amazing feeling like to get 8 hours of sleep and have my yard and gardens get a good soaking. I am actually one of those wacko people that like to go out and play in the rain.  I love the feeling of water washing over me. Sometimes I just close my eyes, like when I went back to sleep, I feel that water, that ever-renewing life of God, wash over me. It feels so wonderous. That’s why I changed a few words of that song I sang as a child.

Rain, the ever-renewing life of God, is so important to all living things. And here in Oklahoma City it has been in such short supply; it’s only the second, maybe third time in the last six months that we’ve had a good downpour. As I look at the tulips, hyacinths, redbuds, and phlox, that are in full bloom, I want to go over and ask them if they would like a drink of water.  They’d all say, “Yes.” They are so pretty! The wisteria is beckoning, “Water, please Water please,” although it’s not quite time for it to burst out.  Last fall I had to cut it way back to clear the slope that runs into the creek, so the buds on the vines are so immense. I have been waiting for a good downpour to allow the ground on which it rest to get a good soaking.  So, I am excited to see what will happen. (Two hours after typing those words, the purple flowers of the wisteria began to appear).


One of the challenges I have been having the last few weeks, is whenever I go out into the garden, to look at all the beautiful flowers, I see all these weeds! I couldn’t quite pull them out because the ground needed a good soaking, so I can get the roots of the weed I am pulling out. Another reason I was singing in my head, “Rain, rain come to day, so I can go out and play.”  Yes, you guessed it I love playing in the dirt, pulling the weeds, so that I can plant all the amazing seeds I have been waiting to plant.  Yes, I have a lot of seeds of beautiful flowers waiting to be planted: Sunflowers, Marigolds Gaillardias and more.  Then when they are planted they will spring forth to share their wonder.

Now as I share these thoughts I am also speaking in metaphor.  Spring is a time of year of growth and expression. The wonder that is naturally with in us is rising up out of the shadows, tombs and the fertile soil that is our mind and will be coming into full bloom.   With Easter just a few days away, the idea of the Christ arising up out of the tomb we have placed It in, needs to receive a down pour of rain, of the waters of ever renewing life.  All the weeds that have taken up residences in the fertile soil of our mind need to be pulled out, one by one and released.  Yes, we need to allow the soil around those weed thoughts to be nourished so we can get all the roots, so those weed thoughts won’t come back. The Water of Life that we pour out upon the fertile soil of the mind will also nourish all the seed thoughts, all the Divine Ideas, waiting to be given expression.  It will also provide fertile soil and stable ground for the greatest Divine Idea of all to be given expression, the Christ Ideal.  As the Apostle Paul wrote, “Sleeper, awake! Rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” (Ephesians 5.14) I bet you never would have thought of Paul as a gardener. Tending to the fertile soil of our mind, we must awaken the seed of the Divine that has been planted within us and give it expression.  Join us please.


Namaste I see the Light In YOU! Rev. Doc. Patrick

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