I Am So Thankful

Patrick Mcandrew December 13, 2018

I am so thankful, for the breath of life that fills me in this moment now. Last night I took a deep breath in as I laid down to go to sleep, and I could feel the breath of life filling both my nasal passages and my lungs. Oh, what a feeling, wonder of wonders. Some of you might say, “Say what!” While others may have detected that I have been struggling with a running and congested nose for some time. Well, yesterday I finally surrendered and went to the doctor! He provided me with a formula for cleansing my nose out and some antibiotics to work on the interior side of my body. With the exception of the antibiotics, I had already tried every one of those remedies, but not all at one time. Uhm! Well I can tell you it had made a huge difference, it was the first time I could take a full deep breath in sometime and wow, did it feel amazing. I am so thankful for this breath of life that fills me in this moment now!


Have you taken a moment to hallow out a place within you to feel that Sacred Breath of Life filling you and to be thankful for it? You do know that is what JC did before each miracle he produced. Set aside everything else that was going on, took a deep breath in and said, “Thank you Father…” connecting with the Infinite Source of Life that surrounded and enfolded him in this moment now, allowing the Energy of Life to fill him and flow through him. That’s what he did before feeding 5,000 and what he did before calling his best friend Lazarus out of the tomb, and what he did before…


When we do this the ever-expanding potential of God’s goodness becomes manifest within our life. Through his words Jesus paints the image of hallowing out a place within us where we can snuggle up and be close to the name and meaning that we hold for God, for the “I am” of our presence? To wait upon the Lord is carving out a space within us to snuggle up in an awareness of the Creative Force of Life that moves through is in each moment. Each moment is a very important, for it is God’s moment: when you wake up in the morning, before you go to work, when you sit down to eat a meal, when you are talking to a friend, just become still and centered. Sense the Creative Energy of the I Am tingling in your fingertips, guiding your hands, directing your footsteps, putting words into your mouth, helping you to do all things easily and with joy and gratitude.


Charles Fillmore wrote, “God is the source of a mighty stream of Substance, of God Energy, and you are the tributary through which it flows, you are a channel of It’s expression. Bless that substance as it flows through you in this moment. See yourself filled with the living energy of God.


Over the next few weeks and on Thanksgiving Day, whenever something comes up that challenges you about what might be good and right, remember to breath in that Sacred Breath of life and be thankful, allowing God’s goodness to be revealed, and say, “Thank You Father, Infinite Spirit of Life and wonder.” Then wait for that goodness and wonder to manifest.


Perhaps you might even recall this prayer by Charles Fillmore:

I AM Now in the presence of pure Being

I Am Immersed in the sacred Energy of Life of Love of Wisdom,

it surrounds and enfolds me,

In this moment now, and connect us all in this moment

WE acknowledge Your Presence and Your power,

O Sacred breath and Your Divine wisdom

Erases my every mortal limitation

I am filled with pure substance of love

And it brings into manifestation my world, according to Your perfect law.

Have a happy Thanksgiving! Rev. Doc. Patrick

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