How the Touch of God can Change Your Life

How the Touch of God can Change Your Life

Patrick Mcandrew March 14, 2019

To touch the heart of God through prayers—feeling blessed & whole

Some people might recognize the touch of God the very instant it happens and would feel blessed. Others may not realize that it happened while a handful few may even dismiss it as an illusion or a waking dream. Yet all humans probably encountered an event or felt as if their prayers ha . . .

The Light of Christ

Patrick Mcandrew March 8, 2019

an Affirmation for Today - be bold and say it three times and allow it to light your inner fire

The Light of Christ is warming me up. I am radiantly alive the Life and Wonder of the Divine is flowing throughout my Being, I am Healthy Whole and Well.

From Rev. Doc. Patrick
Author of Being the Way
& the Miracle Before Your Eyes

True Self—Understanding What It Is

True Self—Understanding What It Is

Patrick Mcandrew February 28, 2019

Comprehending how to find your true self

According to the Bible, all humans are created in the image and likeness of God. As time flies, humans separate themselves in consciousness from God and start focusing on having food, clothes, home, money, and other assets, often believing they have acquired such abundance all on their own. When trying to find one . . .

Drinking The Living Water

Patrick Mcandrew February 27, 2019

This morning as I was waiting my turn to do something, I sat and contemplated what it might feel, and be, like to drink of the Living Waters from the River of life. You know the Living Water that Jesus offered to the woman at the well in Samaria; water “which will become like a spring of water gushing up into eternal life.” Wow, I bet that water tasted really amazing! What would it feel like t . . .

Patrick Mcandrew February 21, 2019

An Affirmation For the Day, Be Bold Declare it 3 Times and see how it feels and what Happens.

I am Renewed by Spirit; I am Born Again, I am aware of my creative ability and power to form and shape my life. I am choosing to be the way of Love and Wisdom!


Rev. Doc Patrick

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