Step By Step

Patrick Mcandrew July 27, 2018


Step by Step -- In all things there is a right and perfect order. So, when you get a Divine Idea, you know a God inspired idea, you got to allow the steps to reveal themselves as you are meant to take them. A plan is a nice thing to have, but you have to take one step at a time as those steps are revealed. You know like the master bedroom at my house! In the adult Sunday . . .


Patrick Mcandrew July 19, 2018

Imagine of a week. As always, the conference was filled with many wonderful speakers and presentations.  All the music was performed by Spiritus, an amazing Unity music group from New York City.  For me the most important part was the theme Imagine, which ran through every presentation: imagine if we could reach the world with our mess . . .

Blew The Roof Off

Patrick Mcandrew July 3, 2018

Blew the Roof Off

When I was in college “blew the roof off,” meant wow did we have a really great party and wow the rock and roll music was fantastic.” Recently I heard someone make a similar comment about the music they heard at a concert. And when I was a child, blew the roof off meant, “My mom was really mad and her yelling blew the roof off the house.”

Well, here in Oklahoma . . .

Rain, rain come today, so I can go out and play

Patrick Mcandrew April 5, 2018

Rain, rain come today, so I can go out and play

This morning I woke up to Angel and Tessa, my inside cats, calling to me to get up and feed them.  It was 6 a.m.! I heard raining pouring down outside my window. Then this very old song began to run through my head.  “It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring. He bumped his head and he went to bed and he couldn’t get up in the m . . .

Something Is Missing

Patrick Mcandrew March 15, 2018

Dear Friend

Listening to Marianne Williamson in a workshop on Sunday February 25th, I realized I needed to take action on something that is on my heart. I knew I needed to start with you. There is “something missing” in the world, and in our culture, and I need your help to resolve it. My spiritual teachers say whenever there is anger, conflict, violence or turbulence of any kind it is a si . . .

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