An Affirmation For today

Patrick Mcandrew February 6, 2019

Be Bold enough to declare this three times and see how it feels

I am the light of the world, Divine Light Flows Through me into the rain and misty darkness everything is sparkling with Life and Wonder. Hallowed Be the I am.

An Affirmation For Today

Continually Being Born A New – January 2019

Patrick Mcandrew February 4, 2019

Continually Being Born A New

Merry Christmas Awesome One. Unity’s message and I believe what Jesus’ message would be during the Christmas Season is, “The Love of Christ is born a new within you.  In this moment are you aware of Its prompting? Peace Be Still and Know I Am.  Feel It.” Well I must say, those are really my words describing what I feel are our joint messag . . .

An Affirmation for The Day

Patrick Mcandrew January 1, 2019

and the New Year,

Try declaring it a few times and see how it makes you feel.

I am Born A new, Born of the Living Water and the sacred Breath of Life. I am Radiantly Alive. I am Being the Way of Christ, One With Life and Its Goodness

I Am So Thankful

Patrick Mcandrew December 13, 2018

I am so thankful, for the breath of life that fills me in this moment now. Last night I took a deep breath in as I laid down to go to sleep, and I could feel the breath of life filling both my nasal passages and my lungs. Oh, what a feeling, wonder of wonders. Some of you might say, “Say what!” While others may have detected that I have been struggling with a running and congested nose for som . . .

The swirling winds of creativity

Patrick Mcandrew August 10, 2018

The swirling winds of creativity are in our midst. You know that idea I talk and write about from time to time. “In the beginning when God created the heaven’s and the earth, a wind swept across the face of the void.” Then jump to the Gospel of John, “In the beginning was the creative energy and all things came into being the through the creative energy… and the Creative Energy became f . . .

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